Barbara Booth embraces a kitten she discovered living on the property of her Animal Rescue Facility, Painted Acres. In order to examine the cat, she must listen to it's breathing to ensure that it does not have an unseen ailment.
"Precious", a horse living on the property of the Painted Acres Animal Rescue, is coered in mud from the recent ice melt on the back acres of the farm. Most of the animals are healthy, but slightly dirty from the rigors of the winter months.
A trail of lap dogs follow Booth around her property while she moves a sick cat inside so that it might have a chance to recover. Most of the dogs arrive at the Animal Rescue from nearby Universities when college students cannot properly care for it.
Barbara Booths grandchildren, (from L) Skylar Booth and Douglas Grantham play with puppies that had been delivered just a few weeks before. In addition to caring for the animals Barbara often watches after her daughters children.
A cat strolls across the rabbit cages while other cats nest below.
Booth takes a moment to consider the best place to move a cage in the area where she keeps most of the dogs that arrive at Painted Acres. Booth, who had just recovered from a bout of Bronchitis, spends most of her days and nights caring for the animals.